How To Place Order


Hello, if you have landed on this page, it means you already have minifigures or building sets that you wish to purchase. However, you might be wondering why we need to take this unconventional approach for placing an order. The main reason is that PayPal does not allow the sale of such alternative minifigures and building sets.

We used to operate just like any regular online shopping website, where you could directly use PayPal to settle your orders on our website. However, our good times didn’t last long as a few months later, PayPal started reviewing our account and eventually banned it. We hardly received any disputes from customers, but when we consulted PayPal, they informed us that selling such products is not allowed.

In the end, we can only continue to provide minifigures and building sets in this manner. This method requires trust between both you as a customer and me as a seller. As a customer, you may fear receiving different products or losing your money, while as a seller, I fear disputes that could result in financial loss. I have been selling on /lepin for a long time, and many customers are already familiar with us. We are committed to conducting long-term business, so the shopping experience of our customers is crucial to us. I also hope to keep offering these minifigures and building sets. Fraudulent activities are strongly condemned by us, and we will never tolerate them.

We highly recommend joining our Discord server. Here, you can engage with other satisfied customers to discuss your experiences, provide feedback, and share the joy of receiving your packages. As a member, you will also enjoy exclusive discounts, faster responses, and access to special events. We value your input and suggestions, and we aim to create a supportive community where customers can freely obtain the desired minifigures and building sets without any concerns. JOIN NOW



  • Quick and Easy Payment Method

Complete Your Payment With Paypal Me Brixtoy Paypal Me Link

1. Select “Pay with Paypal Me” as the payment method and place your order.
2. Please note your order number when sending payment.
3. Secure your purchase with Paypal Buyer Protection: Select the tick box for ‘Goods/Services’ during payment


  • How To Place Order Tutorials

STEP 1 : Add the minifigures or block sets you want to your cart and click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”


STEP 2 : Fill in your shipping address, select the shipping method and click “PLACE ORDER”.


STEP 3 : You have successfully placed your order! Rember your order total. For example, it’s $27.


STEP 4 : Now go to website


STEP 5 : Find the loose block product and add them to cart.


STEP 6 : By increasing the quantity of products, you can match the total amount of your order on Brixtoy. For example, it was total $27 before, so I need 27 quantity. Then Click “Proceed to check out” for next step


STEP 7 : Fill in the same shipping address and information and make payment using PayPal. All done!


Once you have completed your payment at looseblock, we will confirm your payment details within one day. If the confirmation is successful, you will receive an order confirmation email and your order status with brixtoy will be changed to “Processing” and you will also receive an email with the tracking number when the package is shipped.